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Fruity Packs

What is the Fruity Packs team all about?

At Fruity packs we are passionate about healthy sweet snacks.

We are constantly striving to provide quality products with a great taste and healthy balance to the consumer.

Through our supply chain from the growers to the consumer we aim to develop product knowledge and address present and future concerns for the Environment, Ethics and Sustainability.


We are always following new markets and growth within those markets. Here at Fruity packs we are conscious of the move towards plant-based diets. We have supported this with our full range being suitable for Vegan diets - with no animal or animal-related ingredients.

Gluten free

The market for Gluten free products and addressing Gluten intolerance issues are becoming an ever-growing important topic. Here at Fruity packs, we have supported this with our range (excluding Granola bars) being suitable for Gluten-Free diets. These products containing no Wheat, Barley, Rye or Oats.


We understand that not all customers have a Vegetarian diet but we want to be sure that we meet the needs of this market. To accomplish this we have ensured our full range of healthy sweet snacks is suitable for Vegetarian diets. All of these products have no animal ingredients.

High in fibre

It is no secret that products high in fibre are an important part of everyone’s diet. So at Fruity packs we are keen to showcase the nutritional benefits of our core ingredients. Fruit and nuts – which are a good source of Fibre. Fibre has been identified by the NHS as being important in today’s fight to lower the risks of heart disease as well as strokes, type 2 diabetes and bowel cancer.

Fruity packs displaying our range healthy sweet snacks

Fruity packs exciting journey started over a decade ago when our local primary school approached us. We were a dried fruit supplier to the UK supermarkets – to provide raisins and sultanas for their school fruit programme.

From this request, our success and a growing interest in this market the product was taken on nationally and from there millions of UK school children have enjoyed our “Fruity Packs for Schools” offering over the last decade.

“Fruity Packs For You” has been in development for a few years but we really wanted to offer not only a good product but a great product and in 2019 we introduced a full range of super tasty “Grab & Go” bars for healthy snacking along with our unique “Bites” range.

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Customer Retention


My kids remember eating the raisins & sultanas at school - now their in their teens they love the new range.

Rebecca from Southampton

The new packaging looks great! The new bars are amazing!

Simon from Barnsley

Gluten free is the way forward for these products.

Patricia from Leeds

The new fruity bars - My kids will love them.

Sonia from Liverpool