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Why natural sugar snacks are more healthy snacks.

Why Natural Sugar Snacks Are More Healthy.

There are big differences in the sugar content of various foods. The sugar you find in sweets is much different than the sugar in an apple. The sugar in sweets, chocolate bars, etc is added sugar snacks whereas the sugar in natural fruits and no added sugar products is a much more healthy option.
According to studies, eating natural sugars is completely healthy, it’s just added sugar you need to worry about.

Let’s explain why:

Natural sugars contain fibre and/or protein.
Natural sugars come in two varieties: Fructose and Lactose. Fructose is the kind of sugar you will find in fruits and natural fruit-based snacks. Lactose is the kind of sugar that is in milk and dairy products. The healthier part comes into play when you consume them. This is because they contain important nutrients such as fibre with fructose and protein with lactose.
Natural sugars help to stabilise blood sugar levels and prevent you from feeling hungry too soon.

Eating added sugars have no benefit to your body and are just empty calories. Processed sugars are added to products as they are being made and do not come with other healthy nutrients. Therefore, eating too much added sugar products will lead to weight gain. For example, it is better to eat an orange than to drink orange juice, many of which have added sugars.
Eating natural sugars can also help more bioavailable nutrients enter the system as it contains these other more fibre enriched properties. Whereas, the added sugar snacks only have an unhealthy absorption into the system.
Why not see our available natural sugar snacks and include them into your diet as a healthier option to traditional chocolate and sweet bars?

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