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dates are healthy snacks

Snacks with dates: Top 6 Benefits of Dates

Fruity Packs chocolate & orange fruity bite


Dates have long been known as a healthier sweet snack and snacks with dates are high in fibre and have a caramel-like flavour.  This makes them the perfect addition to any recipe that requires sugar. Coming from the date palm and growing in tropical areas, dates are available worldwide as a dried snack.

The benefit of date’s caramel-like taste means that recipes can be developed to completely substitute sugar as a sweetener and still maintain a complex flavour profile. In combination with other ingredients, dates can create snacks that even the fussiest of kids (and adults!) will enjoy. 


The health benefits of dates include:


       1.Low calorie, high nutrient profile:


Dates are low in calories and high in important vitamins and minerals such as potassium, magnesium, copper, manganese vitamin b6, and iron.


      2. Dates contain high-value antioxidants:


Dates have been studied extensively for their antioxidant benefits and contain phenolic acid, and anti-inflammatory and preventative measure against heart disease and cancer.


     3. Carotenoids:


Carotenoids may help in the reduction of macular degeneration and heart disease, another great benefit of the date.

   4. Phenolic Acid:


Another anti inflammatory compound which can aid in the reduction of heart disease.


    5. Promoting Optimal Brain Health:


In studies, dates have been shown to lower markers associated with anti-inflammatory properties such as interleukin 6 in the brain. If you have high levels of this marker, it is associated with a higher risk of diseases such as Alzheimer’s and can increase plaque on the brain.


   6. Flavonoids:


Fruity Packs cherry & almond fruity bite

Another antioxidant, flavonoids may help to reduce the risk of diabetes, Alzheimer’s and cancer. 


As outlined, dates can be a fantastic sugar substitute and natural snack with many health benefits. Fruity Packs incorporates dates into two of our most popular snacks. Our Fruity Bite with Raisins, Cashews, and Dates, flavoured with chocolate and orange. This delicious snack tastes better than many chocolate orange products on the market and is a much healthier alternative. Our other Fruity Bite Option is Raisin, Cashew, and Date with Cherry and Almond Flavouring, a delicious, almost cherry Bakewell taste and another healthy option for kids or adults. 

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