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Fruity Packs offers the Perfect combination of snacking, taste and energy benefits. From grassroots sports and social clubs to elite professional teams and athletes. A fantastic range of “Grab & Go” products.

Whether your members are off for a ride, climbing a hill, running a race, training for the match, playing in the match, attending your social club or heading out for the day. Fruity Packs offer a great tasty option for your members.

Our range not only offers a fantastic quality product but also incredible flavour choices which your members will love.

The “Grab & Go” market is growing at incredible rates over the last few years and set to continue for the foreseeable future. It has never been so important not only to have a strong selection of “Grab & Go” snacks but also to have a great choice of fresh-tasting products. Products that customers will come back for time and time again. Fruity Packs has an incredibly loyal customer base because we offer incredible quality, popular flavours and wholesome natural ingrediency. Ideal for sports and social clubs.