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Schools - Healthy Snacks for Kids | Fruity Packs
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Fruity Packs - Healthy Snacks Raisins & Sultanas

Already known to millions of school children our “Fruity Packs for Schools” have been a fantastic success as alternative healthy snacks for kids with so many consumption options, including;

  • Breakfast Clubs,
  • After School Clubs,
  • Healthy School tuck shops,
  • Sports days,
  • School trips,
  • Parent sales.


And now for teachers:

A fantastic new teacher’s staff room option of healthy eating snacks – why miss out on what the children are eating! Not only offering them a great selection of tasty “Grab & Go” as well as being healthy snacks for kids. They will love and return to buy them again offering you a new and profitable line that already has demand.

Use Fruity Packs snacks for: