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Eating nuts reduces weight gain.

Eating Nuts Reduces Weight Gain

Eating Nuts Reduces Weight Gain. New research says eating nuts could be a valuable, tasty and nutritious slimming aid. Researchers from Harvard University recommended that people replace a daily unhealthy snack with a small handful of nuts to slow down weight gain. They say this is especially helpful for people as they get older. The researchers found that people who ate just 14g of nuts every day gained less weight than those who ate another snack. The people who ate the nuts were less likely to become obese. However, the benefits to our weight could be quite small. The scientists said swapping chocolate, cakes and potato chips with nuts could help prevent a weight gain of just 0.4 to 0.7kg over four years.

Incorporating nuts into a healthy diet by replacing less healthy foods may help to reduce the gradual weight gain common during adulthood. This can beneficially contribute to the prevention of obesity.”

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