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About us

What is the Fruity Packs team all about?

Our FarmersWell, our job is simple!  We tend to the vines, harvest the grapes, leave them to dry in the warm sun, clean the dried fruit and pack it in clever little packs that small hands find easy to open. Then we deliver the Fruity Packs to kids for them to enjoy anytime, anywhere.

Sounds simple? We think so. But we always try our hardest to do it in a way that’s sustainable, healthy for the environment and good for our farmers and packers who put their heart and soul into our products.

So how did Fruity Packs happen?

Our company has supplied dried fruit to supermarkets for over 20 years. In 2005, members of the Healthy School Forum at our local primary school asked us if we could supply dried fruit for their children. They couldn’t find any suitable products on the market and felt their kids were missing out on a healthy eating option.

After willing teams of children had tasted lots of raisins and sultanas and helped our designers test all sorts of packages, Fruity Packs ­– and our plump, Fruity Packs Raisin – were born.

Fruity Packs proved so popular that we thought all kids might like to try them. So we worked closely with the NHS, the Dental Office and the School Food Trust to introduce unsweetened dried fruits into the 5 A DAY and SFVS in schools. Now, four to six year-olds in schools from North London to Scotland can enjoy Fruity Packs at least once every half term.

And that’s the story so far. We now have three Fruity Pack varieties for kids and schools to choose from and we’re pleased to say that both teachers and children are giving us a massive thumbs-up!

Plus we’re busy creating yummy new Fruity Pack varieties – so watch this space!